Sunday, April 19, 2009

The CHCA Board and Its Future

Concerned Citizens:

The CHCA election is just around the corner and the co-conspiracy between the defenders of fraud and manipulative governance and Stepford Chestnut Hill (a/k/a Positively Chestnut Hill) have no spending limits and are using old political tactics in a full-court press to keep lies alive and truth and facts paved over.

The Hitchcock/Hemphill Axis that has run CHCA/CHCF cover for two years now merges with the Snowden development octopus with hopes that a board majority of voting robots will once again misuse authority and trust funds and at the same time make the CHCA Standing with the City a rubber stamp for one-directional development. Well, at least this time they’re open about it and you don’t need to do investigative reporting to figure it out.

This past issue of the Local contains page after page of propaganda from Bowman properties seeming to right all the wrongs of the past 10 years in one swipe (Remember those racist signs on multiple Bowman properties just a short while ago?). All of sudden we have a unified business community that was dialed out by Bowman for years, but now he needs them. Business owners and some residents alike drink the Kool-Aid that regardless of reckless arrogance and years of purposeful neglect, as long as money gets spent, who cares how or why the job is done. Believe this is just as much in the public interest as the fulfillment of a personal power trip and you are naïve. Bridges are for sale at the Business Association, or better yet are given away with your CHCA membership they will pay for - - IN EXCHANGE FOR VOTES.

Along with the development propaganda in the Local and the slate of sycophants, we have the supposed opinion commentary of CHCF trustee William J. McGuckin. My guess it was dictated. Hardly ever seen and never heard from ever in print before, he is now the outraged Joe Citizen from nearby Wyndmoor who just can’t stand Ed Feldman and Jim Foster as they don’t behave themselves like good little Nazis who salute authority, never questioning how it came about. Now, Ed and I are from the same approximate era but could not be more different, and I do not always agree with his tactics, nor he with mine, but that is what made this country what it is. What we both recognize is a narrow group of self-ordained elitists selling fraud and grabbing power by any means necessary. Yes, they have come close to fooling most of the people, most of the time, but sometimes folks will take it on the chin for what they believe is right. My favorite president in modern history, Harry Truman, did just that and left office hated by his own party and with a popularity rating lower than George Bush (Check it out). McGuckin can fabricate and manipulate the truth all he wants, worship at the shrine of Trustee Chair Jean Hemphill, and claim he has been denied facts that are public record and on the Local’s website for all to see, but Jean knows every detail of those facts about CHCA and CHCF fraud, and one can only assume hid them from these loyal soldiers. (I do know that former trustee W.W. Keen Butcher resigned days after reading the Oversight Committee report for the first time)

Nothing new here, history is replete with political campaigns using the same tactics. There has been ongoing debate for years whether it was Gobels or Stalin who coined the phrase “lies often repeated become truth,” but both used it well, and it is alive right here in your version of Mayberry U.S.A.

Jim Foster

The board discussion group sends another missile.
From: Jim Foster
Sent: Saturday, April 18, 2009 8:36 AM
To: xxxxxx board
Subject: RE: FW: [CHCA Board] and its Future

Lou and others:

What you and many others failed to realize in the three years that have passed since the 2006 election, is that the board itself is supposed to be a constant running “Oversight Committee” on all CHCA and CHCF operations and financial decisions. That is why boards of directors are created in the first place, and why they individually can be held responsible for failing to do so. Furthermore, the legal requirements between affiliated for-profit and 501c3 entities, and the illegality of co-mingling of funds and uncontrolled conversion of assets raise that level of responsibility even higher.

No amount of denial and phony accounting can change that. The only reason a separate Oversight Committee with sunset date had to be formed was because the board and the trustees of the Fund had allowed a few insiders to run the whole show without oversight and creating a firewall where directors were denied access to financial data. Some of that firewall exists to this day.

Does any thinking person really believe that the Attorney General has nothing better to do than investigate the CHCA/CHCF? What we do learn from the recent press reports is that non-profits that misuse funds are now a priority with the Attorney General’s office.

This organization is now ripe for takeover by the business community because it refused to clean up its dirty laundry and spent more effort in the last two years burying the past under some misguided notion that Chestnut Hill runs on special privileges and that this board does not have to account for or correct its problems in public. Well, it has received state grants, has tax exemptions and runs on public money, so it is publically accountable. Those “Special District Controls” only apply to the building facades on the Avenue - - not the façade that passes for a CHCA/CHCF today.

Only a unification of the those board members who see the forest for the trees, joined with some of the new applicants who are clearly not aligned with the Snowden crowd, can keep the independent citizen control and finalize what the reform group of 2006 started. The financial condition of these entities has lost ground further since then, and that needs to be the priority discussion, not simply a new manager for the Local.

Make no mistake, the push for board takeover is massive and overt. New voting memberships have been bought and paid for by one source and one source only. Some existing members have been seduced by the siren song of money and development that will bring us Stepford on Fairmount Park. Don’t bet on it. These are the same folks who ran down the business district over the last 10 years by design only waiting for the exact moment to take full control and implement a long-standing “vision.” This is not 1980 and Chestnut Hill is much more than just the Northwest quadrant.

Those who buy this “cure all” development story have some very blurred “vision” and you don’t need bifocals to see where the train is going and who will be running the whole railroad.

Jim Foster
That was a response to this:
Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 11:15 AM
To: boardxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: FW: [CHCA Board] and its Future


If I remember correctly the Oversite Committee 'no longer' is a functional committee.. It should not function continually as a committee from the bleachers.. We really need to move on. This note of mine is not an act of disrespect toward anyone but the continuation of the former oversite players to act as an official active committee is an act of disrespect to the Board and the Community.. We need Peace desperately..

I wish everyone running for the Board the very best of luck.. Life is too short to fight continually with obsessive matters,, Lets move on folks and work together.. Lets work for the betterment of the community "One and all'.. I hope those selected by the Community prove to be great choices and that the entire Board can work together as times of old.. I remember when there was an air of confidence with the Board and within the Board itself and Community matters flourished.. I myself remember when I thought things were being done incorrectly when really they were not done incorrectly but they were done differently.

Congratulations to Ann Spaeth for being selected for the Chestnut Hill Award.. Ann your hard work and genuine Love of Community has been observed.. Always the lady.

Again, good luck to everyone.

I am on vacation 'predetermined dates' until April 25th ... I will return to a newer Board with a better hope for the community and its future. It's your job now..

Lou Aiello
Former VP of Operations 3x

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Blogger Ed Feldman said...

Lou, I love you. I'm going to buy you a team jacket with "FOR SALE" written on the back.

Tue Apr 21, 07:54:00 PM EDT  

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