Thursday, January 12, 2006

Chestnuts Arise and Tell Their Dream Stories

The Chestnuts have written a creative interpretation of the past few months of the Chestnut Hill Community Association. They relate, in a Chestnut Hill Local front page (and page 2 and page 3) story, that the massive failure of leadership amongst the top echelons of associationhood was due to, hold your nose, their "putting out the fires at the Local and dealing with the manufactured conflicts of the year."

Talk about arsonists trying to burn down their own factory. The piece, lacking a byline and sounding oh-so-pained at the suffering of the righteous, attempts to create answers to questions that were never raised (the editor was not fired, it says -- Well, duh. Read your own paper's mid-November issue and that same editorial posted elsewhere on this blog) and reiterates Joe Pie's Inspector Clousseau-like report that there may have been "sabotage" of the Local's computer database. Of course, they identified Pie as George Parry, but why let details get in the way when you're being creative. Especially when Pie was respresenting Parry in the office;or so Joe claimed.

All in all, it's a clumsy piece of fiction that only diminishes the Local and the CHCA.

The only thing the story got right is the ending.

Chestnut Hill deserves better. Boy, does it ever.

You can see their efforts at The Local.


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