Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And Another Point to Ponder

Just when things were getting simple and the common folk were discovering blogs, this dang YouTube stuff starts happening.

Perhaps the board can discuss the dangers inherent in Video posts before the Hill is inundated with illicit and uncivil images.

Speech is free; you gotta pay for the connection.

Those Damn Cyber Bullies

And so some on the CHCA board has discovered that new-fangled phenom, the blog. Ach, the bullying! The taunting! The Uncivility"! (Remember, civility means knowing your place.)

The following is a memo which shows how far off course someone can be without being an MSM stenographer for the Court of St. John or George the 2th. As it says, "we did find a few gems." No irony intended.

Bloggers and CHCA.... ""Reading material for the Board""


My last action for this year is a report which I will pass around for all to read.. It will be distributed to you at this Thursdays Board meeting.. It is a report on Basic Bloggers and Moderators 101 ( my definition ).. The information is only for CHCA Board Education.. We cannot be a ''Viable Community Association'' without knowledge about ''Weblog'' and the short name for weblog which is ''Blog''..

Until sometime back Blog was King..

Now, Blogs are being questioned for their activities..

As publishers of the Local and having Blogs pop up ' here and there ' we should be better informed so not to be held Liable for crossing certain thresholds.. We must be more blog and web aware..This Blog data indicates that new legislation is now required to make bloggers and cyber bullies responsible for damage to people and companies.. This data tells us about the many pluses and the minus's of blogs..

There are Medical Blogs which I personally read with delight which are quite interesting.. Patients and Doctors share information with the world at large for the good of all and many of these folks are very dedicated and interested with the study and research within certain respective fields of medicine and illnesses which need attention..

Blogs can be absolutely the best thing ever and in the wrong hands very damaging.. How do we handle this subject ? So the Reason for this folder for the Board.. Everyone can make their own decisions about Blogs and at the same time in this day and age we can be better educated about Blogs.. A Blog can be of great Public Service if handled correctly and ethically.. I have been working on this project over the past few months reading as much meaningful information as I could without the inclusion of rambling data.. The data enclosed appears to be the clearest and best info I could find and considered for a Blog 101 review..

I wish the entire New Board a great year and good luck.. I thank everyone within this past years Board for your involvement.. We did find a few great gems, didn't we..

Lou Aiello II
V.P. of Operations

Ah, the sad irony of the old systems trying to catch the wave. Let's go back, campers, to a simpler era with this hit from The Buggles

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Morals Police

The Morals Police: This story comes from the May 8 Booman Tribune post on free speech. It isn't enough to say we can speak freely. Restrictions, as developed by supporters of so-called civility codes, add another layer of insulation between reality and perception. That there are problems we cannot discuss in a free society indicate we are neither free or civilized.

On a side note: the CHCA elections are complete and the Chestnut Hill Local will have the results in this week's issue (have to defer this story to where I hang my hat every day). Hope to get back to regular postings again.

Now for the Booman Tribune report:

The Morals Police

Is this what we want our society to become, one where we are technically "free" but too intimidated to exercise our freedoms? A society where speaking "freely" outside of "free speech zones" may get you arrested. A society where peaceful protesters at an officially approved rally just happen to get shot with rubber bullets and their heads cracked with batons by legions of quasi-military uniformed police. A society that keeps anyone just a little bit different "in the closet," or else. A society where everything you've ever said (or was ever said about you) or posted online, or pasted on your car's bumper sticker can and will be used against you by anyone standing in a position of power over you, whether your boss, your college, your bank, your credit card company or even your medical insurer.


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