Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chestnut Hill Security Communication #1

Last week, I asked a 2nd Opinion Caucus member who is currently on the CHCA Board of Directors, why the CHCA Board members’ e-mail addresses were no longer on the website so that the public has access to their elected representatives.

This was the board member’s answer:
There is now an e-mail address which is used ONLY by Board members TO Board Members. Isn't that community-minded! It is "board-discussion(at)chestnuthill(dot)org" .
She enclosed this message from Mark Keintz, Operations Vice President of the CHCA, that was sent to board members :
Reminder of some important features of board
1. The only recipients (subscribers) are the current board members.
2. The only people who can freely post to the list are
a. subscribers
b. 3 CHCA staff (Betty Brady Susan Medosch, and Kari Ghazarian). Yes these three can post but will not receive from the list - so they can send agendas, reports, etc., yet not be distracted by our fascinating discussions on how/why to write and re-write CHCA history.
3. All others who post to board-discussion(at)chestnuthill(dot)org will have their message referred to the list moderater (currently me-Mark Keintz) who can then accept or reject the submission.
4. All emails sent to you via the list will have "[CHCA Board]" in the subject line.
5. To email to the list just email to board-discussion(at)chestnuthill(dot)org.
6. To reply to the entire list, you have to use "reply all."
For now, please email any questions to me, so I can make a more comprehensive list of tips.

The 2nd Opinion Caucus members are running for the Board in order to stop such exclusionary, elitists actions by the leadership insiders who have rebranded themselves the Action Alliance.
Marie Lachat
8427 Prospect Avenue
Chestnut Hill


Anonymous robyn said...

i'm just wondering why the CHCA hasn't elected to make a website forum in which the people can post their things that they think of. A board which expands to have board members only posts, subscriber posts, community activites posts, special events posts, business posts, links, etc. i mean it could branch off of the chestnuthill.org site for starters.

ah well, its probably too much money, man hours and web experience.

website example: http://www.okayplayer.com/boards.htm

Wed Apr 05, 12:57:00 AM EDT  

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