Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Morals Police

The Morals Police: This story comes from the May 8 Booman Tribune post on free speech. It isn't enough to say we can speak freely. Restrictions, as developed by supporters of so-called civility codes, add another layer of insulation between reality and perception. That there are problems we cannot discuss in a free society indicate we are neither free or civilized.

On a side note: the CHCA elections are complete and the Chestnut Hill Local will have the results in this week's issue (have to defer this story to where I hang my hat every day). Hope to get back to regular postings again.

Now for the Booman Tribune report:

The Morals Police

Is this what we want our society to become, one where we are technically "free" but too intimidated to exercise our freedoms? A society where speaking "freely" outside of "free speech zones" may get you arrested. A society where peaceful protesters at an officially approved rally just happen to get shot with rubber bullets and their heads cracked with batons by legions of quasi-military uniformed police. A society that keeps anyone just a little bit different "in the closet," or else. A society where everything you've ever said (or was ever said about you) or posted online, or pasted on your car's bumper sticker can and will be used against you by anyone standing in a position of power over you, whether your boss, your college, your bank, your credit card company or even your medical insurer.


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