Monday, March 23, 2009

Toys for Twits

A comment on my last post mentioned Fran O'Donnell, of O'Doodles Toy Store, formerly ODonnells Stationery Store. I've been so busy I couldn't comment on one the best bits of Irony printed in the Local by Fran a few weeks ago.

It was a response to Ed Budnick's letter suggesting that shoppers were finding alternatives to Hill establishments in a tough economic environment. Fran reminded us all that patronizing the Hill was being true to tradition-just like his father taught him.

Fran's father ran a store that sold engraved stationery and hundred dollar pen sets.

When Staples moved in, O'Donnels responded to a tough economic climate by dumping tradition and switching to selling plastic toys, just like Wal Mart does - only more expensive.

Fran, I'll shop at the store, just take that bucket of bullshit outside.

Ed (I like plastic vomit) Feldman



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