Sunday, July 26, 2009

Public Conversations ...

Conversation 1.
A man in a key position of authority with a community group is talking with an acquaintance on the Avenue. Remarks that his group's key money-making enterprise lost $20,000 last month. This is within earshot of business people, community members and others. Is it wise of this person to be speaking in a public setting about this private business issue?

Conversation 2.
A man and a woman, both board members of a community group, are riding a train back to their neighborhood. Their loud conversation, overheard by a number of people on the train, includes discussions about outsourcing work at the aforementioned (See Conversation 1) enterprise as a way to cut costs. Recall that the group has already cut out 401 (k) contributions and reduced medical benefits to veterinarian levels for employees of the enterprise. Also, said organization siphons off more than $30K a year just rent from this enterprise and uses another $34K to subsidize the non-Quita Horan ($40,000 a year, thank you) employees of the non-enterprise division. In addition, the male speaker has decided that the key hire recently added to the company may have been loose in his resumé, is not what the masters of the mini-universe expected and would be better supplanted by a former employee who pissed away $100K or so several years back. Hey, guy. They don't love you in the morning. We ask, do these corporate officers understand that business conversations should not be conducted in a public setting?

Discuss: WTF? Do they not get it?

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Update and response: Because play is important to healthy living.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

First guy was Walter Sullivan.
Second was Mark Keintz, speaking of his protege, Stephanie Leight.
But why play parlor games? Why not phone the two bozos and ask them why they were blatting in public?

Mon Jul 27, 12:49:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous AOH said...

#1 Walter Sullivan speaking about the Local, with a candlestick.

#2 Keintz, cause I know he rides the train regularly, talking about Hochberger. The third person puzzles me. Who frittered away $100K awhile ago? I have a guess but I wouldn't want to repugn any reputations.


Mon Jul 27, 04:54:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Jeremiade said...

Waylaid Pilgrim: If you are going to be giving us pop quizzes like this, you gotta make the questions harder. AOH even knows the answer to the $100K question that you didn't ask.

Can anybody clue me in on why a zoning notice is posted for the 8400 Gtn Ave parking lot to be changed from "accessory parking" to "public parking"? It was too hard and expensive a fight to get that project done in a manner friendly to the residents to see some new shennanigans pulled to screw it up. It sounds like this may be the first step in plans to reverse a lot of hard work done over a decade ago. The lot is already run by the CH Parking Foundation and the illegal guard shack hasn't been objected to. So what's really going on?

Tue Jul 28, 12:20:00 AM EDT  
Blogger reverend chris said...

Parking is always a fun issue. I've had to deal with some pretty upset people at my day job regarding the new parking system. It's hard when someone just paid thousands of dollars for us to cater a party or wedding to be greeted at their car with a sign saying "You are in violation" and that only shoppers can park there. The threat of towing also lingers.

I did some research and came up with the following answer: Unless there are specific vehicles in a log stating that "only these cars can park here" no one can be towed from an unattended lot. The other end is if there is someone on duty on site they can tow anyone with proper reason. However, a few people that float from lot to lot does not meet the legal requirments for having someone towed. This comes from a lawyer who was asked about the situation and was paid for his time regarding his answer.

I, myself, took a much needed day off while my wife was up at CH Hospital last month. I arrived in Chestnut Hill around 1pm. I dropped about $100 at Robertson's for a flower delivery. I had lunch with a friend (another $40 or so), picked up a few 3 for $10 vinyls at Hideaway Music (THE BEST BARGAIN IN 19118), a few minutes in Borders getting a book and a few magazines ($25) then drinks and dinner at the Tavern on the Hill (another $40). I was greeted with not one BUT TWO purple pieces of paper on my car telling me I wasn't a shopper. Normally I am not a shopper, but an employee of two different CHBA members, but today I was. I understood why those others got so pissed off. I'm not dropping a thousand dollars (around $200 over the afternoon) which is a lot for many of us.

Tue Jul 28, 01:26:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neither the CHCA nor the CHBA has ever been able to distinguish the forest from the trees. And now, most of the time -- Len Lear's muscular Op Ed on the phoniness of the lawsuits against the Valley Club in Huntington Valley last week was a terrific exception --neither can the Local.
Why isn't the staff reporting on the parking lot ridiculousness, Ms. Hitchcock? Mr. Keintz? Foghorn Sullivan? Mr. Hochberger?? (No point asking the "editor." That ship has sunk.)

Tue Jul 28, 03:24:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Len Lear's piece was racist and disgusting.

Tue Jul 28, 05:17:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without qualifying your charges, you're stupid and disgusting. You probably prefer Hugh Gilmore's Hallmark Card School of Sensitive Poetaster prose to Lear's ethnic common sense.

Tue Jul 28, 05:42:00 PM EDT  

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