Thursday, January 19, 2006

We Need an Editor

A frustrated person sent out this plea about the Chestnut Hill Local. That person wants others to understand what troubles the newspaper is enduring.

The circulation of this paper needs to INCREASE or we're all dead.

I can't quite make everyone out there buy our paper. I can't run ads in other papers or plan to have streakers running up and down the avenue with Chestnut Hill Local banners. I can't spell 'Advertise in the Local' in clouds with a plane in the sky. I wish i knew the mafia so i could get everyone out there to buy ad space and a copy of the paper or die, but i can't.

If they don't find us a valued, intelligent, experienced editor with enough newsworthy know-how, who fact-checks and reads over all stories with a critical eye, then I have to ask myself if there will be life after death at the Chestnut Hill Local. Hey, I have unemployment on my side, but then all you people would lose your valuable community medium. I personally will go on like the rest of us but for right now, we're trying to make a budget happen.

If you want to help us, then buy it. Support it. Advertise in it. Tell your friends about it.

You know, or we'll have to kill another coworker and create another a massive headline about the downfalls and truths.

We need
- A leader
- A thinker
- A resourceful individual
- An eye for what people would like to know or read about
- A MAN (and i'm not being sexist but this office has damn well enough women in it).

I am starting to feel like I'm working for women's day magazine.


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