Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The CHCA Winners Are...

Updated: The Second Opinion Caucus saw 19 of its slate elected when the results of the Chestnut Hill Community Association election were announced the evening of May 7. This update shows the vote totals.

The new directors are:
Directors Elected to a Three Year Term
Candidates – Total Votes
Ned Mitinger – 823
W. Stuart Graham – 806
Marie Lachat – 775
Carol Cope – 771
Kathleen M. Jones – 749
Joanne Dhody – 747
Virginia Mallery – 738
Stan Moat – 725
Ron Recko – 720
Thomas Fleming – 716
Susan Ann Pizzano – 712
Howard Lesnick – 684

Directors Elected to a One Year Term
James Foster – 678
Christopher Padova – 676
Nancy Hutter – 671
Joseph Pizzano – 666
Ed Feldman – 664
Scott Alloway – 663
Jane Piotrowski – 657
Richard Becker – 655
Edward Budnick – 636
Elaine Aiello – 635
Jonathan Sternberg – 632
James Gleason – 626

Candidates Not Elected
Sarah Maneely – 619
Kristina Sullivan – 608
Lisa Sullivan-Mancuso – 607
Ed Berg – 606
John Michaels – 602
Thomas Kessler – 601
Pamela Waters – 600
Robert Rossman – 598
Jesse Walters – 598
Kerry Bird – 594
George Spaeth – 592
Patrick Mooney – 591
James Bruno – 588
Adam Meadows – 585
Doug Knauer – 581
C. Van Den Muyzenberg – 575
Brian DeCesare – 566
Gina Stellabotte – 558
Robert Remus – 554
Douglas Doman – 537
Tapan J. Patel – 530
Curnel Bridges – 509
Patrick Mountney – 490
Meredith Sonderskov – 325
Shoshana Bricklin – 244
Brien Tilley – 243
H. Mark Keintz – 231
Gina Maletta-Sannicandro – 201
Cecile Mihalich – 152
Mitchell Melton – 109


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so the hunters become the hunted. allah akbar.

Tue May 09, 08:50:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous rogue said...

where's the god damn champagne!!!!!!!

Tue May 09, 09:22:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Henry D. said...

So can we get our money back now from Marie Lachat? Maybe she can persuade her voters to kick in about $35 each. That will just about cover the shortgage.

Tue May 09, 11:54:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous mike said...

Dear Mr Recko,
When can you begin your much promised audit? I think you really should review everything back to 2003. It's the only reason many of us voted for you. Let's get on with the work of the community.


Wed May 10, 12:11:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous ogden said...

The truth will set us free.
The money should come from Marie.
Excuse me for being so cold
but blogging is good for the soul.


Wed May 10, 12:12:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Henry D agree to a debate? Wasn't he challenged? He seems to know so much about Marie's finances, how about standing up instead of smearing?
And why did the president and officers agree to Marie's "foul crime", if Henry is so sure it was one? Why did they agree to "go along"?
One reason: no crime, just propaganda.

Wed May 10, 01:24:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Harold Fein said...

Personally, I don't want to see a debate. Why give Henry D. another platform for his opinions?
The new Board can quickly and easily release the history of Mrs. Lachat's tenure as Community Manager and any agreements she had negotiated when she left.

If Henry is wrong he should apologize. If the new Board discovers that money was taken inappropriately by anyone, restitution should be pursued and the responsible group of directors chastised.

My guess is the truth lies somewhere in between. Volunteer community boards should not be in the business of secret deals and confidential monetary settlements.
The Board is a board, the facts are the community's business.

No debates with Henry or Sniper or Rogue or anyone else. Just the facts, please.

Is the Local looking into these kinds of goings-on within the CHCA? They should.

Thu May 11, 09:17:00 AM EDT  

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