Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This Week In Snowdenville

Just a little note on what's circulating regarding the Apologia Chestnut Hill Local. The following was seen in several places in Hillville Tuesday. How we got a copy is a mystery.

There ain't no way in Hell this thing gets anywhere except the bottom of a bird cage. Does the lad really think people would agree to this?


The Ad Hoc Committee, having issued a Final Report dated January 25, 2007, has continued its endeavor to resolve conflicts between Richard Snowden and the Chestnut Hill Local and the Chestnut Hill Community Association (CHCA). Committee members have sought, in discussions with senior management representatives of Bowman Properties, the Local, and the CHCA, to have responsible individuals implement the recommendations contained in the summary of the Report. These recommendations include policy and process changes at the CHCA and the Local. In addition, Committee members have urged all parties to review the actions of the institutions and individuals over the past several years through to the present time and offer expressions of regret and, where appropriate, apologies for past failures and offenses they have caused each other and the community at large. Recent Committee discussions with Mr. Snowden, Managing Partner of Bowman Properties, and Mr. Recko, President of the CHCA, have been successful in advancing mutual understanding and acceptance of matters in dispute. Important steps have been taken by both parties to the dispute to advance resolution of issues in conflict. The Committee is pleased to advise that an omnibus resolution has been achieved.

The parties agreed to undertake the following actions to implement such resolutions:
1. The Chestnut Hill Local (Local) shall publish an apology to Bowman Properties and the Snowden family for numerous offending actions for the past six years, up to and including the March 14,2007 edition. The apology shall specifically cite certain actions as provided in the Attachment A hereto. The apology shall appear on page one of the Local and be printed above the fold.

2. The Chestnut Hill Community Association (CHCA), owner of the Local, shall publish an apology to Bowman Properties and the Snowden family for failing to exercise reasonable oversight of the Local management for the past six years. Reasonable oversight by the CHCA could have prevented ongoing manipulations of community news during the six-year period and thus would have prevented damage to Bowman Properties, the Snowden family, and the community at large.

3. The Ad Hoc Committee, upon review of the comments of Ron Recko, Richard Snowden, and Peter Mazzaccaro regarding the final Report, have determined that a portion of such Report may be viewed as unintentionally deleterious to Bowman Properties and Mr. Snowden. While all parties are in agreement with the Report summary and recommendations, Mr. Snowden asserts that the Chronology of Events section, in tone and certain characterization, belittle and obfuscate wrongful conduct by the Local and the CHCA. The majority of the Ad Hoc Committee believes this assertion has merit and accordingly has agreed to provide an addendum to the Report. The Committee failed to stress the damaging effect of the climate of negativity with which Bowman Properties and the Snowden family have endured during the period under review. Further, the Committee failed to cite numerous negative omissions that may be viewed as deleterious to the public image of Bowman Properties and the Snowden family.

4. Bowman Properties and the Snowden family agree to withdraw all legal actions against Mr. Gleason and Mr. Lau provided that Mr. Gleason and Mr. Lau provide full restitution of all direct damages sustained and reimbursement of all expenses incurred by Bowman Properties in connection with vandalization of Bowman property. The monies paid for restitution will be donated to a Chestnut Hill Community charity by Bowman Properties. It is further provided that Mr. Gleason and Mr. Lau each provide Bowman Properties and the Snowden family a written apology for their behavior. The apologies shall also appear on the front page of the Local. The parties hereto agree to enter into a full Settlement agreement within five days of the date of the signature of this agreement. The committee recommends that the Settlement Agreement shall be drafted by counsel (Mr. Roberts, Wolf, Block) duly appointed by the parties hereto and shall consist of mutual release of any and all liabilities either party may have against one another and the organizations whom they represent.


Ron Recko President, CHCA

Richard Snowden
Managing Partner, Bowman Properties


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