Tuesday, January 06, 2009

In Which the Author Defends Jimmy J. Pack Jr.

I've only known Jimmy since July, but once I was used to his quirks and vulgar outbursts I realized that I had made a good friend. Jimmy is much misunderstood, as gifted artists tend to be. But while he is known for his bouts of bitchiness, it is rare that Jimmy unleashes his anger on someone who doesn't deserve it. 

I'm not saying that Jimmy is a Christ-like figure, but I do believe that he was crucified for speaking the truth. Jimmy can be stubborn to a fault and very difficult to work with at times. (He has never denied being a temperamental asshole.) But in reviewing the Local archives covering Jimmy's employment, I think most people will find that he brought something special to the paper. His firing is a great loss to the Local and to the community.

Those who voted to fire Jimmy without just cause or due process should be ashamed of themselves. They might want to start stuffing their assets in mattresses. It doesn't take a keen legal mind to recognize that the board leadership's myopia could cost them dearly.  Obfuscation won't save them this time. Unless they want to be charged with perjury,  too. 

It's hard to take a group being investigated by the state attorney general at its word. (I've heard that they believe the firing was both justified and necessary.) Some of them are trying to defend their actions by saying the firing happened in executive session and that the details cannot be brought to light. I'm hardly the only person unsatisfied by that red herring.

I'm eager to find out what skeletons lie in the executive committee members' closets. I guess we'll all find out soon enough.

p.s. Anyone on the board willing to characterize this blog as a conflict of interest would do well to consider the motives of their cohorts. I'd like to think it's altruism that convinces the leadership to put in so many "man hours," but I sincerely doubt it.

p.s.s. Just to be clear, I, Joel Hoffmann, am the author of anything posted by Jyles. Working at the Local has split my personality. It's the only way to separate myself from weekly mental anguish.



Blogger Denys said...

An 18 year-old that manages a convenience store knows better than to fire and employee AFTER they have reported a serious harassment complaint. Shame on board of the CHCA for dismissing an employee without a full and fair investigation into that employees complaint.

At this point, what Mr. Remus may or may not have said to Mr. Pack is irrelevant. Mr. Pack had a right to a full and fair investigation – regardless of the circumstances. Ms. Hitchcock and Mr. Vardakis denied him that. If the color of Mr. Packs skin was different, and he alleged that a member of the board called him a name that began with “n” instead of “f”, would the CHCA board have taken the same lassie fair approach as they did with Mr. Pack’s complaint?

If past performance is any indication of how would should expect the 50 plus members of the CHCA board to act, no one should be surprised by the boards latest gaffe. After all, this year the leadership of the CHCA has brought the community and investigation by the State’s Attorney General and suspect election results.

Hitchcock, Vardakis, Keintz, Remus, they gotta go. Here’s hoping that the AG can file criminal charges against them.

Wed Jan 07, 01:15:00 PM EST  

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