Friday, February 06, 2009

And now for something a little ...

Well everybody...

Here I am! I will use this blog to print my work not published in the Local. My resistance to writing here was due to my opinion that blogs are like toilet walls - limited readership. The broadest possible readership has always been part of my tactics to counter the secrecy of those who use it to further their ends. The use of exclusivity is as much the enemy as those who use it. The circle-jerk that passes for discourse on so many computer screens reminds me too much of...well the CHCA board.

But now that I have been informed by those well known reliable sources that fledgling felons like Mark Keintz, (not sure of the spelling-don't care) and Dina (Rosa Kleb) Hitchcock read these words. Well.. that makes it all worthwhile. If there's anything as much fun as beating the shit out of assholes in public, it's ridiculing them in print. And that's jest whut ah'm a-aimin to do padner.

So enjoy every word. My exposure of their deeds will still take place in the Local, until I get them or they get Pete. But this will be the place for the really personal, yet satrical attacks. And since, as my attorney tells me, that public officials+satire=legal immunity, the sky is pretty much the limit. Stay tuned for LOTS of in-depth, personal profiles of all the players in the production-Chestnut Hill-No Sex Please-Corruption Makes Us Hot.

Ed (can I say fuck?) Feldman

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Where's my five bucks you bastard.

The Witch Doctor

Fri Feb 13, 09:58:00 PM EST  

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