Saturday, June 27, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For ...

Ed Note: June 2. Part of this post was not copied when uploaded. This is the complete post.

The word on the street at CHCA election time is that the reason the Positively Chestnut Hill types picked Walter, arranged the votes, and congratulated him in advance was that they wanted someone "who could control a meeting and deal with Recko Foster and Feldman."

Well, all those robots who voted as they were told must now be obedient children and take orders from the one so sure of himself he has already issued his first "Ruling" - - as if a Judge on a high level court, not the elected leader of a democratic organization where personal commitment, thinking, contributing and voting were to be the principle guidelines.

But of course history has proven that when we have weak minds and lazy citizens they get the government they deserve. Let us never forget that the most popular "elected" leader in history was Adolph Hitler who for years had a 95% popularity rating with the citizens.

Zu Befehl, Herr Kapitän.

O'Donnell introduces a motion to create a CHCA committee to deal with the vacancies in commercial real estate in Chestnut Hill. Snowden himself objects and the reason is that any meeting held under CHCA by-laws would have to be public and that the public learning what they are doing in such a meeting would be undesirable

Walter to rescue. He first asks if the Business Association has any such requirement for public meetings - -and the answer is no. He then motions that the Business Association create such a committee and he would then appoint several members of the CHCA to that committee.

Motion passed. Gee that was easy. See what you can achieve when a rich martinet lunatic teams up with a malleable lawyer to run a board of syncophants.

Sullivan's ruling to the board:
It is my ruling that Bylaws II E 1 c applies to all Meetings including of all Committees in requiring Notice normally published in the Local "at least seven days in advance of the meeting." It is my ruling that that provision applies to all Committees, including even those which may be conducted entirely in executive session, such as the Awards Committee and the Nominating Committee. Please consider this not as the opinion of one individual but as a formal ruling.

It is further my opinion that it is generally not desirable that Meetings of Committees be conducted in a private home, no matter how pleasant the environment and how gracious the host. Because the Bylaws are not explicit on this point and because the Board therefore may need to act on this question, please at this point do not consider this as a formal ruling.

Whether that ruling and that opinion apply to Meetings of the CHCF I shall consider.

Walter J. Sullivan
Jim Foster

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Blogger Jeremiade said...

Isn't it wonderful that we get a "formal ruling" on the rules from one who has been part of a group notorious for violating the rules. Integrity does not come from rulings but rather from actions.

Jim, can you put some teeth into "the word on the street"? I've heard lots of those words and don't believe most of them. What you report is credible but has already been denied by Walter.

Mon Jun 29, 09:00:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Ed Feldman said...

Dear J- I'll tell you how "word on the street" works, if you will tell me how you came to know that Walter denied his ruling. Did he tell you? Did Kyles' Mom (Mrs S.) serve as Indian runner to all concerned parties?
Did he mention that the new Conflict of Interest Rules would have precluded Dicky-boy from discussing a committee that would be looking into his financial interests?
Bastards disregard rules. Buffoons disregard rules they have just drafted while they are in the process of ratifying them. This bunch needs new terminology. May I suggest "Buffastards"?

Ed (Roget) Feldman

Mon Jun 29, 12:04:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Jeremiade said...

Dear Ed Roget Feldman...namer of the buffastards...I didn't say he denied his ruling. He denied the rigged election comments. And, best of all, you can forego telling me about unnamed sources. But thanks.

Mon Jun 29, 01:00:00 PM EDT  

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