Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Anything You Say Can Be Used Against You...

In the rumor mill a thread is running that certain Chestnut Hill Community Association board members will be making a move to remove another board member from the board for advising a Local writer to leave the paper. This would take place at the CHCA board meeting Jan. 26 at the hospital (how appropriate for the pain so many have felt at their hands).

Gee, what do we have here? Free expression in a democracy? How strange.

What is Chestnut Hill? A (a) plutocracy (b) meritocracy (c) theocracy (d) idiocracy?

But more on who. Let's see -- could it be the removal of a carpet salesman making accusations against Local staff and being a general pain in the ass? Nope. An interior designer who assisted in editing a consultant's diatribe about lions and tigers and bears; oops, er, terrorists, parasites and moles? Nope. How about a treasurer who didn't know for months that a $10,000 grant was deposited in the account by the bookkkeeper (May her name be praised)? Nah.

Ouch. Too much thinking. Head hurts. Am only a volunteer. By-laws too much to read. Must stop.

Let's see if the board adds to its list of amazing moves by taking up this action.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two things I liked about this week's paper:

1. The announcement that space allocated to Letters to the Editor would be limited due to space constraints was followed by a bit of filler telling us we don't have to pay for things we didn't order.

2. The apology "editorial" that--short as it was--still managed to be offensive.

Thu Jan 26, 01:43:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Germantown Cruiser said...

A memo has been circulating about the alleged wrong-doing of the accused board member. Of course, like all secret organizations, only those in the power structure have had access to it. The talk is that it selectively uses quotes to bolster some buffoons agrgument that a wrong was done.
Even the most simple minded could go to the source (hint: the people who left) and ask them about it. Oh, that's right. Those people were driven away by the very same members of this Kangaroo Court.
Wonder what Inspector Clousseau has discovered in his "investigation" this time? And will he ramble aimlessly and without any use of facts or basis in the real world again, much like his last dimwitted presentation to the board?

Thu Jan 26, 06:00:00 PM EST  

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