Thursday, April 05, 2007

This Week in Snowdenville, Part 2

Secret sessions and hidden agendas don't like the light of day. Witness this response to the "confidential" proposed agreement affecting the Local, CHCA, Gleason, Lau, Snowden and others.

Where did you get that confidential draft which you inserted into the Blog?? It was really very confidential..
Did you insert that confidential draft into the Blog on your own or were you directed to do so by anyone..??

I would inform you that the committee is working feverishly to resolve this issue and is putting in long hours of work to resolve this issue. Going on the Blog (i.e. with confidential material) is really counterproductive to the entire effort by th Committee to resolve this issue. The CHCA is not working to defeat itself in its efforts to resolve the issue which is getting closer and closer to resolution. We do not wish that anyone in our organization to 'sabotage' the committees efforts to resolve this issue.

What the hell is it with this "sabotage" bullshit. Hello?!? Haven't you people been paying attention? Official secrecy is out. Open and transparent government is in.

What is it about open government that you people don't understand?

As an aside: The aforementioned committee "has been dissolved and no longer exists," CHCA president Ron Recko said. And Joe Pie is all hot and bothered again, calling for me to be fired (we went through this last year, didn't we, Joe). Joe, you didn't learn a thing about the press in your little escapade last year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who 'officially' was behind this 'draft'.
and if it was a draft, did the rest of the parties involved get a chance to review this statement before it was proposed as a final statement of fact?

its all about richard. richard snowden should worry more about the prosperity of his business and let go of the past, because most people don't remember or even care to remember whatever insults he percieved to have recieved from the Local.

They're are bigger things in life to accomplish beside vindication and destruction. you should be using your abilities to create a better Chestnut Hill instead of trying to divid it.

Then again, i guess pride costs a lot. six years of harboring feelings of inferiority due to published opinions, which i might add, can lead to confusing the perception because you can't attach any tone of voice to the statements made. Irrationality comese to you naturally doesn't it.

This situation is like the one in the middle east, the britons apologizing to iran. that was bullshit. And pointless, because even that they did apologize, do the British even care about an apology.It means nothing if not just leverage to get their people freed.

We don't care about you mr. snowden because you do not care about us.Your just a fussy self absorbed little boy with monopoly money.

Who's feelings need to do a few push-ups.

Thu Apr 05, 11:13:00 AM EDT  

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