Friday, July 27, 2007

The Gang of 16 ...

Oversight Committee? CHCA don't need no oversight committee.

Thus, by a 16-14 vote, the Chestnut Hill Community Association dissolved the committee deemed responsible for looking into the financial knot that is the association's own Abu G department. This happened on the evening of July 26.

"We don't need no steenkin' independent audit," an on-the-scene observer quotes Buffy as saying. "It's sooooo unseemly and low class. We must have civility."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to a reliable source, Chestnut Hill Community Association board members were told that the 2006 end date tax return papers were at the office.

Recently, Sue - by way of Martha - by way of Treasurer Moss Disston - announced that one might "look at them in the office but NOT PHOTOCOPY OR TAKE OUTSIDE THE OFFICE."

It was just one of those twisted coincidences that caused me to look at on Saturday - and found that the top-secret-jealously-guarded crap is on that website.

Tue Jul 31, 01:49:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous bloggette said...

You don't know Dick.

Dick Becker voted to oust the Oversight Committee after having been one of its loudest critics.

Poor Dick.

A typo, a space issue, an inadvertently dropped word resulted in his name being left off "The List" as it appeared in the August 2 issue of the Chestnut Hill Local.

Reliable sources described him as inflamed at the omission.

Poor Dick. Maybe the editor can front page one of those "look at me" black-bordered boxes to announce an abject apology inside.

Fear not. Jane got her due and as everyone knows, three of the four married couples on the CHCA Board (Beckers, Aiellos, and Sullivans) vote as one.

Sat Aug 04, 10:26:00 AM EDT  

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