Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thank You ...

On behalf of Dina, Tolis and the Gang, I want to thank all of our adversaries for beating the shit out of each other on these pages. The more you attack and defend each other, the easier it is for us to escape your scrutiny.

You people - (the left? - the "intellectuals'? - the creative types?) have always had this problem to one degree or another. While you all spend time micro-managing your positions and examining each other for impure motivations, we give orders, make sure they are obeyed, take control, and hold onto it like a pit bull holds your balls.

This is why it takes two hours for a group of Berkeley-ites to choose a restaurant. "Does it serve sustainable produce?" - "What about vegan selections?" " Is it wheelchair accessable"? - (Even if no one in the party is in one). When my turn comes, I, to register my "special needs" request, I always say, "Let's just go get Chinks!" - Then they leave me alone - for the rest of the night - good.

So keep looking up each others asses, kids - It makes it so much easier for us to keep shitting all over you.

Pit Bull MaMa & her bitches

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