Friday, March 27, 2009

Meet the New Boss, Worse Than the Old Boss

It's official, the CHBA (Chestnut HIll Business Association) has a slate of candidates running for the board. Mike Hickey, CHBA rep to the board, used those very words at the board meeting on 3-26.

He denied any Snowden purchase which, if true (odds running 8-5 against) means that the CHBA bought the memberships themselves, with the same goals as Richard:
To turn the CHCA and the Local into entities fully controlled by Chestnut Hill Business. Yes, the ones who gave you Snowden Vancancy-Land and Bank World will now be able to spin tales of Perfection and blame others for their mismanagement in the New and Improved Local.
Franny O'Donnell, assisting Mike in a Grand Plan Presentation said that Richard was getting on board with Hill revitalization.

What perfect timing! Now that the shit has hit the fan, and after keeping his stores vacant during good economic times, NOW he's going to pitch in and help the neighborhood prosper.
Tenants are so much easier to find in a recession.

But this IS abut timing, and all the pieces are in place for Him/them. Graham, Mitinger, Kathy Jones, Tolis; the old guard continues to run for cover. They're not running for the board. Just like Jeremy and Tia, they're going to sit out the next faze-it might get a little messy.

A combination of Lawsuit/Iinvestigation fear and an eagerness to hand a bag of stinking garbage to someone else. Even the accountants hired by the the this bunch told them the CHCA financials were a mess.

So here we have the CHBA coming in to clean up the mess. Even Chestnut Tim said he trusted them - and we all like him -even though we don't know who he is.

The CHBA takes no prisoners - McNally, Cigar boy, these types make the old new order seem like the Marquis of Queenbury. And they listen to Richard. Richard can read a 14 to 12 vote as well as anyone. That's how much Pete kept his job by.

The Local will be cleaned out one week after the CHBA candidates get those other two votes.
All the negative articles will be gone; all those lying articles which were never responded to, or disputed, or threatened with a libel suit by anyone in the lawyer-happy Hill.

Maxine said it once about the way the board conducted itself. "We think the corporate way is the way to go." You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Richard was going to develop his properties after he got his apology. He got it . He did nothing.
Maybe he was waiting to get the Paper.

Mike, Franny, Greg, are you really ready to believe and trust him? I guess so. The history books are filled with people who bought a line of bullshit in desperate times.

But someone has to tell me about the people who were gettin' ready to shop on the Hill until they read something negative in the Local.

" Hey honey!- I just read Feldman. Let's go to Warrington instead!"

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Blogger reverend chris said...

I've been informed that the bosses, old and new, have recently discovered CHNOTEBOOK and are... what was the word used... ah yes: "up in arms".

As for the election, let's start petitioning for a recount now. Is there a way to include a personality test or some kind of exam to show the ability to understand linear thinking and draw conclusions that don't make the average onlooker go: huh?

Fri Apr 03, 11:11:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Ms. A. Hope said...

Oh Reverend Chris, don't be silly. How could they be "up in arms" when they behaved so badly themselves when posting online? Just take a look at the comments section of the article about Pete at .

Wed Apr 08, 04:34:00 PM EDT  

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