Wednesday, November 04, 2009

On the Air ....

ED FELDMAN IS ON THE AIR... NO. HE'S ON THE INTERNET! Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 10:00 AM

Yes, kids-I now have a daily platform from which to expose all that I see as evil and hilarious and corrupt and stupid and obvious. Can you all guess who and what I'm talking about?

Monday thru Friday from 9:00 to 10:00 AM, Ed Feldman, Furniture Guy, College Teacher, Writer, and Scourge of Idiots and Assholes Everywhere, will be heard over computers, I-Phones and other modern-day electronic Pacifiers on

Now all the World can listen as I talk of Chestnut Hill and its cast of Wacky Characters. Richard, Dina, Greg, Walter and his Humunculus will be prominently displayed to the ears of everyone around the entire World with an internet connection. I'm gonna make you people famouser than ever.

Though links to my Furniture Guy Website, You-tube and Facebook, as well as my network of fans around the Globe, the Hill will be as well known as Lake Woebegone, or Mayberry, or Auchwitz.

Of course the Hill will be just one subject for examination during my program, which delves into all my areas of expertise and opinion. Many Hillers may enjoy and even understand some of these other topics.

Truth be told, the Hill story will have to be unfolded gradually to those listeners unfamiliar with our shared history.

But once everyone been been brought up to speed, the fun will begin.

To those of you who are prepared to lament, let paint a rosy picture.

My intention is to help Hill businesses and the Hill itself by publicizing their unique qualities.

Imagine new visitors to your establishments, asking questions like, "Is this where that Richard Snowden put up his Signs? He makes his money off Coal Mining in West Virginia and spends it on ...What?"

Or "Is this the office where Peggy Hendry took credit for giving a Black Man a vacation day on Martin Luther Kings' Birthday?"

Or "This is the Bank with the twenty foot photograph of a Restricted Country Club, right?"

I am trying to help here. I may develop a Feldman-Style Tour of the Hill, like they do in North Jersey for the Sopranos. It could help.

And serving Democracy is all part of it. Now, when I get wind of the latest CHCA scheme, I can announce it on my radio show, and when I tell people to come to the board meeting, who knows how many will show and from how far?

Now to all those who think this will be one-sided, think again. I personally extend invitations to all those who I have mentioned, and to any others who feel the need to represent the Hill in any way to come on the program with me. The discussion will be cordial, the questions pointed, and the room small. So if you have the time, and the courage of what you probably still call your convictions, go to the website and I will schedule a day for you.

Wednesday will probably be reserved for local news, after the papers have gone to press.

So Richard, call your Lawyers, it looks as if they now have a new assignment, listening to me every day. Walter, you can daydream about hitting me over a new medium. Greg, I'll be doing restaurant reviews.

The show is called Morning Feed. Monday thru Friday 9-10 AM, I play music too!

I'll start posting the flyers soon. Then I'll take pictures of who rips them down.

I told you I was in this for the long haul.

Ed (talk about your Morning Zoo) Feldman


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