Sunday, January 29, 2006

While Chestnut Hill Was Sleeping or Otherwise Occupied.....

The hits keep on coming. The Lentz Policy at the Chestnut Hill Local gets changed with no board approval. It's a free for all, boys and girls, and the inmates are in charge of the asylum.

New Lentz Policy, Chestnut Hill Local, 26 January, 2006. (oddly, on page two, NOT "Forum on the Hill" on page 4).
I will copy it, as is, word for word:

Letters Policy
From here on, the amount space allocated to Letters to the Editor will be limited to afford more room for news events and stories about Chestnut Hill and its environs. In accordance with the policy of this newspaper, all letters will be printed on a space available basis.

Maybe this explains why all these people are doing these things. It was found on another webmag and we were struck by its relevance to our little community on the Hill. Self-esteem seems to play a big role in behaviour.

Barbara O'Brien at Mahablog has an exceptional post examining some of the psychological aspects of this cynical fear-mongering...

"Allegiance to charismatic leaders may be one particularly effective mode of terror management. In Escape from Freedom, Eric Fromm (1941) proposed that loyalty to charismatic leaders results from a defensive need to feel a part of a larger whole, and surrendering one?s freedom to a larger-than-life leader can serve as a source of self-worth and meaning in life. Ernest Becker (The Denial of Death, 1973) posited that when mainstream worldviews are not serving people's need for psychological security, concerns about mortality impel people to devote their psychological resources to following charismatic leaders who bolster their self worth by making them feel that they are valued participants in a great mission to heroically triumph over evil."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could someone clarify exactly who retreated to the locked room with police protection? The entire board? The executive committee? We need names here, so we know EXACTLY who to blame for this attempt to destroy the Local and in the process the CHCA.

This can't be good for business for the Dornemann crowd. For example, I'm not a white-collar criminal, but if I were, I would not call George Parry to represent me. Hey -- I take that back. He has demonstrated a ruthlessness, a sleaziness that could get Kenny Boy off the hook. The rest of them, though, have made enemies. Lots of them. Not good for the decorating business, the head-hunting business, the carpet business, the real estate management business, the p.r./consulting business, etc.

Mon Jan 30, 02:20:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"In accordance with the policy of this newspaper"?!!! Who gave this editor the authority to limit letters to the editor!! What is going on here? Chestnut Hill appears to have been blind-sided.

Sun Feb 12, 10:17:00 PM EST  

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