Monday, May 15, 2006

A New Mystery on the Hill

A reader sends in:

Hello. This is a copy of a letter I have sent to the editor of the Local, the CHCA and the CHBA. I hope you will print it on your site, with the information of where it has been sent.

And major, grateful, and heartfelt congrats on having helped to restore democracy to the Hill.

Thank you
Kay Wisniewski


It seems there is a restaurant moving into the old Deb Shop, that is, into the small building, with an even smaller parking area, that lies between Cin-Cin and McDonalds. I say seems because it feels as if the whole thing is a mystery, and a deliberate one at that. At the time of my writing this there is only a hand-lettered sign on the building that says "Restaurant Coming." So it appears that this is a no-name restaurant, owned by a no one who therefore has no contact information. When I politely asked the workman at the site for the name of the owner, or at least the name of the person who had hired them, they politely refused to tell me. Oh dear.

I say "Oh dear," because I live right behind this site on Roanoke St. Like most of the houses in this area, we have no off-steet parking -- and as things are now, what with Cin-Cin's lack of adequate parking-spaces, we can never park anywhere near our house on weekends. This area is mobbed. Now Cin-Cin is a great restaurant. We are pleased by their well-deserved success. We are pleased that they installed a proper ventilation system so that the neighbors are not plagued by cooking smells. But we are not pleased that Cin-Cin was allowed to develop that site without any provision for proper parking.

And now here comes mystery restaurant-- mystery restaurant that has made no attempt to contact the neighbors and let us know the answer to two crucial questions:
1) what will be done to guarantee adequate parking spaces for the restaurant's patrons?
2) What sort of filtered ventilation system is going in to cut down on smells here? (Both McDonald's and Cin-Cin can give advice on this, since they both have such systems.)

I for one would much rather patronize than picket this new mystery restaurant. So what can be done, by the neighbors, by the CHCA, by the CHBA, and by the owner, to solve this mystery and give it a happy ending?

Kay Wisniewski
Chestnut Hill


Anonymous Kay Wisniewski said...

This letter was never printed. I had sent it by email to the editor and it was sent back to me with the message that the editor was out. If it is printed next week it will be in the same issue as a Local story on the new restaurant.
Was this intentional or not? How can one know? But it is curious.


Thu May 18, 11:54:00 AM EDT  

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