Monday, June 01, 2009

Some People Care..

I'll send something like this in to the Local and it won't be published. Pete told me that people just don't care. I told him he was half right. Those of you who have lives look at the CHCA's behavior as a combination of amusing, childish, and disgusting, but who cares? I dig.

The fact that, in an affluent neighborhood, the community government defrauds the community should engender little concern. That's always been my fallback position. I get to tell creeps what they are, tell you what they do. It diminishes their smugness, it makes them a little less happy. And I enjoy myself. But if I fail to thwart their plans, who gets hurt? More affluent whites. Who gives a shit? It's win-win for Eddie.

But some people DO care. They're the people on the board who will brook no breech of discipline. We saw a couple of instances of that at the May meeting, when the old Dina-Tolis -Stewie dynasty gave way to the Snowden-CHBA order. If you remember Caligula to Nero, without Claudius in between, you get the picture.

Tolis gave his valedictory, in which he gave special advice on learning and following the bylaws. Atheists everywhere should rejoice, for the fact that no lightning struck the outgoing president as he said those words prove that no god exists. Three feet away, Dina, who with Tolis' complicity has broken bylaws the way her pit bulls eat, sat mute. For the first meeting in ages, she did not have to whisper instructions into his ear before he acted. This little speech had already been prepared. Had only they been this organized before!

She may have been mulling her fate under the new order. For while there IS overlap in the Dina-Snowden Pathology, Dina's motivation has been simply sociopathic. Never smiling, always looking down, always starting her statements with the phrase, "what you have to understand," the earmarks of a life of non-engagement with others, except for the purposes of condescension and control. Richard on the other hand, while no stranger to vengeful foot stamping, does have a toe dipped in the pool of real-world commerce as motivation, if only for the continued obedience of Greg Welsh, Fran O'Donnell and the rest of the marginal Hill businesses who need every edge to move "product."

But what of Dina's future? She must know that there's a new sheriff in town. And he must know, for I have mentioned it, that she, along with Carol Cope and their then-numerous disciples, blocked Richards apology - for a while - and was even against his purchase of 8431. That was before his sweetheart deal with the convict-trustee Chip Butler got him his last CHCA scalp.
Richard has a beltful now. We shall see in the upcoming months, whether Dina, in a move to retain the power she has so single-mindedly amassed, will make a deal with Richard. It may already have happened.

But Dina may just be allying through surrogates. And certainly the culture of Hill businesses (or for that matter , any businesses) can supply them. For while the pathology of both Richard and Dina have a strict "cross me and I'll cut you" dynamic, business folk can't afford that luxury. Even the most hated of adversaries are potential customers.

This explains the always -for-sale Lou Aiello smiling at me, the slumlord thousandaire Sanjiv Jain calling me on the phone to make peace, and even Hate-Criminal Rob Remus claiming no ill will towards me after the May meeting. He's probably a new disciple of Sanjiv's "make people like you-it's easier to cheat them" Landmark business success course.

So Dina had Mike Hickey as her partner in the nomination manipulation scam we saw. Mike, so big and brawny, yet I got him to wimp out in the Town hall lobby two years ago, and now he attacks Ron Recko in a meeting from which Ron is absent. Pussy stuff, Mike.

But maybe you missed some hits carried out recently, perhaps a last show of force by Dina before she finally has to share power with the boy-kink.

In a arcane bit of interlocking representative-titty-twisting, Meredith Sonderscov, one of those hard working volunteers that the board always lauds, got kicked to the curb and replaced by a more loyal-to-Dina volunteer. Meredith had agreed that Dina had broken the election rules, and had the bad judgement to say so. That was enough for her position as Senior Center to be -1. eliminated, and -2. reinstated with a different, now hyphenated name, with someone else in the position.

That the center is now located in the building that Snowden got Butler to sell him, against the wishes of Dina, is a concept that would have baffled Richard Feynman. It may or may not be unraveled in the fullness of time.

So Dina succeeds where the White Citizens Council, (one of Meredith's past sparring partners failed.

And now, a lesson in loyalty vs " reasonableness". Pat Moran is a reasonable guy. He tried to bridge the gap between those who have used the CHCA as their pigsty and those who told you all about it. He was so reasonable that he never even spoke to me. He defended the board often, but said it could improve. I do not think his partners' position as community manager had anything to do with any of his actions.

But Pat went too far too often for Dina. He said he was "appalled" at the way the ballot destroying election played, and at this election he was cut like a mackerel. No more board for reasonable Pat. He sat, face down, at the meeting. I couldn't get him to look at me. Pat-It's OK- you can talk to me now- They screwed you for being reasonable and having morals.
I called Phil and left a message. In it I mentioned that sitting on their hands while Jimmy Pack got Hate-Crimed didn't help them. It's all or nothing with Her. I wonder what Rob Remus thinks about Pat and Phil?

So, two disloyal volunteers down and, well no more to go, unless someone new, with the knowledge that even reasonable objections are treated like so many turds in a cut-glass punchbowl at the Holiday House Tour, will take put their board membership in jeopardy by.......objecting to something!

Certainly that's why Tom Hemphill didn't have a chance at President over Walter Sullivan. Even if the vote outcome hadn't been known before the meeting and been told to Walter, who in a nice bit of asymetry, neglected to give the count after the results were announced, as per the rules......rules? election rules?

Tom dislikes my tactics, and me personally,I think. But he got screwed here too. He has, like Pat Moran, reasonably defended the board, most recently at the inaugural Chestnut hill Residents' Association meeting, but he made two critical mistakes. He said, at the CHRA meeting that Pete would be fired, "over my dead body", while Mark Kientz was in the room. He may as well have hired a sky writer. And during his pre-vote speech, said that he would restore trust in the board if elected president. The cardinal rule of the CHCA has always been denial and admitting fault gets you, well, Tom lost by ten votes. See, I got the vote count even though they didn't announce it!

But for comedy writers like me, even when stuck in black comedies in white neighborhoods, all is not lost. For in Walter Sullivan we have found our touchstone of buffoonery, a Punchinello of Pomposity, the big wind from Winnetka, a man so rife with comedic possibilities that the anticipation of his stewardship of meetings makes me think that I could make money selling tickets.

I will, at every opportunity, video tape these public meetings, as is my legal right, and You-Tube the shit out of them. Walters' Foghorn Leghorn obliviousness to his obfuscatorian bombast will make him a star on the order of Keyboard Cat. Christ Almighty, I CAN'T WAIT!

Walters election is due, of course, to his past obedience to Dina et al. But rather then his willingness to follow orders in order to acheive the cubic zirconia of a career of always being outrun by speeding ambulances, I think his natural ability to make any audience's eyes glaze over and think about other times, other places, anything but the drone of his basso confoundo, got him this job.

Since no one ever knows what the hell Walter is saying, since he never makes his point , but sounds like he might, it's the perfect smokescreen for a board who does all it's work outside the board room, in secret. All this entertainment, and I haven't even gotten to Richard yet. Or Stewie and the plight of a Republican in Philly, or Doug Doman' s Institute of False Hope, or Marie Lachat's $26,000.000 blackmail, or Jane Pietrowski's racket.


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Blogger german township said...

Ed - in your enthusiasm for your subject matter you have mixed some things up. No one can take responsibility for my leaving the board but myself, as I still had another year in my three-year term.

I was not elected to the executive committee, but I was asked by the nominating committee if they could put me on the slate as an at-large nominee. I did not put myself forward as a candidate. I would not have sought that responsibility. I agreed to be on the nominating committee's slate in support of Tom Hemphill because I believed that this year could be productive and I was tired of serving on a board with so many distractions from the business at hand and which has, in my estimation, a chronic problem with strategic thinking. I thought we could do better under Tom's leadership.

In my first year I did not know the institution well enough to have an impact but I did serve in several capacities, in my second year I made a significant commitment, along with others, to help reshape the election rules and procedures. I also served on the executive committee and tried to provide balance, which was sometimes difficult.

With no opportunity to provide balance where it was needed for the third year of my term, I resigned the day after the last board meeting because to stay after the election could have been construed as tacit approval.

In terms of your observations about my character, I like to think that I am reasonable. I certainly take no pleasure in hating. It can be a full-time occupation and I leave that to others better suited for that “job”.

Pat Moran

Tue Jun 02, 12:46:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Ed Feldman said...

Thanks Pat, I appreciate your response. I believe our differences are not in our opinions of those on the board, but the way in which we state them publicly.
I tell you what have told others who have tried to "reasonably" change the way thing are done by these people.
These include Jim Foster, who was once as well behaved in public and in print as you; Howard Lesnick, Ann Spaeth, Nancy Hutter, Meredith Sonderscorv, and the Pizzanos. The board WANTS "reasonable " adversaries who follow the rules.
It gives those who do not follow them, and you know well of whom I speak, an insurmountable advantage.
All of those mentioned above have, directly or by their resignations, validated my opinion, and by extension, my tactics.
That this group of people are a toxic mix of habitual users, power freaks, greedy small time businesspeople, and those whose longing to be included in any group make them into willing stooges. And now of course, Richard.
Those who do not fit any of these profiles have resigned, or will after they realize what they have stepped in.
My tactics and writing have kept the public informed and have alienated the board from the community. Good. They have also alienated me from people whose friendship I would never seek. You had to find out for yourself, and apparently, you have.
My factual mistake in your case was that I neglected to differentiate between your freeze-out by the executive committee and your continued status on the board. You took care of that last one yourself.
PS They will take this out on Phil as well. Horrible, but true.
Ed Feldman

Tue Jun 02, 10:01:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see that the wind has been taken out of the local. A young father, I guess the editor just can't take the risk. That is too sad.

The report of the last meeting in this week's local is like two doctors describing a procedure for which they do not want to be sued.

And it was such a good paper. So threats do work!

Wed Jun 03, 03:32:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever the differences of opinion on the issues raised by Mr. Feldman, I think all involved can appreciate the courage of Scott Alloway, Waylaid Pilgrim, in publishing his admission that he makes is the one who decides what is actually published on this blog, which must to be read to include potentially libelous material. He is surely a man of outstanding character to pursue his principles despite the risk of attaining himself the status of primary or co-defendant.

Wed Jun 03, 08:17:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Scott Alloway said...

Wish it were so. My editing does not extend to other authors, who publish independent of me. Excessive comments are denied access, however, despite the DM Act. So sue me. Potentially libelous, my ass. Been in this business too long to know bullshit from blowin' wind.

Wed Jun 03, 09:25:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Ed Feldman said...

I guess that would make me the brave little defendant. Oh Boy! Just like in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington! Then I could get people on the stand and make them admit under oath that they were in love with me!
Who gets to play Jean Arthur, Dina or Richard? Stewie is Claude Rains, and Sanjiv is Edward Arnold. Don't know what I'm talkin' about? That Figures
Ed Capra

Wed Jun 03, 10:07:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Alloway, Waylaid Pilgrim, your comment itself exhibits a dangerous (for you) lack of awareness or understanding of the current state of defamation law; you may want to consult with counsel of your choice. It suffices to say that you are on notice, so proceed at your own risk.

Thu Jun 04, 07:34:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Ed Feldman said...

"Your comment itself"?...."It suffices to say"?-Looks like somebody who wants us to THINK they went to English class.....didn't.
Poseurs always use these kinds of extraneous and mangled phrases when they're trying to pass.
At least get a college grad to threaten anyone with legal action.
This shit was Eddie Murphy in his "Jailhouse Scholar" bit.

Professor (At least he spell checked)Feldman

Thu Jun 04, 10:49:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Feldman, your ability to embarrass yourself never ceases to amaze, but perhaps you can add to your legend by attempting to specify the deviations from all acceptable usage you seem to have found. The spectacle of your effort would be worth witnessing, though doomed to fail because your critique is simply incorrect. Even if the critique were accurate, it would remain customarily irrelevant to the underlying point that was made, to which you too should take heed, as you also dismiss the legal point at your own risk. That said, my guess is that you judge the manner in which others use words and phrases the same way you seem to judge the ideas and opinions of others on so many issues, i.e., wholly defective if different than your own, with no allowance for the possibility of an acceptable alternative.

Thu Jun 04, 06:01:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Ed Feldman said...

Sorry, can't wade through that shit. Sounds like Walter.

Ed(brevity is the soul,you shit)F.

Fri Jun 05, 01:12:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Jeremiade said...

Anonymous, your inability to contribute to debate and your resorting to threats says a lot about you. Your existence explains why the CHCA is in trouble. I pray you will, at least, try to understand that you are dealing with people who care about Chestnut Hill and are sick of the tactics you bring. Please read the recent letter to the Local Editor by Darlene Heep. If her words and those of Ed Feldman do not show you the frustration for which you are responsible, then we can all stop talking because it is a waste of time. If you are the new president of CHCA, why are you signing as "Anonymous"?

Sun Jun 07, 08:18:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Squiggles the Slander Slug said...

They must be scientologists. Those are the only people that claim DEFAMATION of CHARACTER, and I'M SUING in the same sentence just to get their way. And seriously, that's pathetic. Those are the types of people who would sue their mother if they tripped on her rug.

First, you have to ask yourself, how much money does this person making threats have? Second, how much can they afford to burn in the fire for a lawyer in this economy over something as trivial as a character law suit.

So anyone who does sue for those reasons, well they lack real back bone and character and might as well take a shit in the woods with the bears.

go cry in a corner all you fucking Hillites with your sensitive egos, freedom of speech is still on the Bill of Rights!!


Wed Jun 10, 03:53:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My old friend Jeremiade, and my new friend “Squiggles,” from your inapposite renderings of the comments by Anonymous it seems you failed to read, chose to ignore, or lack the capacity to understand them. To you, Jeremiade, you missed the point entirely if you interpret prior comments by Anonymous as “threats.” Your proffers are perhaps the most ridiculous. Apparently you have deluded yourself to think that the majority of people in interest in Chestnut Hill find the “tactics” of anyone other than the main contributors to this “blog” distasteful, and that caring about Chestnut Hill is somehow a zero sum game. To you, Squiggles, notwithstanding the most eloquent nature of your stated opinion, you clearly misunderstand the concept of “freedom of speech” if you believe it is unfettered. Carry on, however, as it is an unquestionably entertaining spectacle.

Thu Jun 11, 09:15:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous: If you think Jeremiade and Sqiggles are your friends, your sum is zero.

Fri Jun 12, 09:40:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my bet's anonymous couldn't have few enough friends that she'd want those two

Fri Jun 12, 02:34:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Jeremiade said...

few enough? somebody didn't learn the concept of zero!

Sun Jun 14, 10:52:00 AM EDT  

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