Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Speaking From Strictly An Advertising Standpoint

On Friday, May 1st the CHBA decided to cancel the Garden Fest, an event that brings 15,000 people to Chestnut Hill (that's CHBA's numbers, not mine), due to weather. Good call, the weather on Sunday, May 3rd was a horrible rainy day.

Mt. Airy Day lucked out: the weather on May 2nd and the event was tons o' fun.

I noticed that by 5pm on 5/2 the banners across Germantown Avenue advertising Mt. Airy Day were already removed, however the banners for Garden Fest on Germantown Ave were still advertising the wrong date (5/3, which was canceled the previous afternoon).

There really should have been some kind of alteration to the banners (it must be easy, they are the same each year with the date changed) so that all the foot traffic and drivers on that beautiful, sunny Saturday knew that the Festival date had changed.

But then again, I'm just a lowly piano player who knows more about tri-tone subs than the politics of this kind of neighborhood.

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Blogger Jeremiade said...

Reverend Chris,
What is a tri-tone sub? It's the "sub" that I never heard of. There is no such thing a a "lowly" piano player. Without music I could not tolerate jerks like Petee. Do you appear regularly at the Hill Tavern?

Wed May 13, 08:29:00 AM EDT  
Blogger reverend chris said...

A few items:

1) I stand corrected. I just got a phone call informing me that there is a raindate posted on the corner of the banner. So... I called one resident (who lives on block of banner over a shop) and two businesses and asked them to read me the sign. One of the three were able to make out the posted raindate. So I apologize for not noticing, but I'm not the only one.

2) Yes and yes. I can be seen at the Tavern Saturday playing solo from 6-9:30. Also, every other Friday with a full band. I also do Chris's Cafe on Samsome Street, Roberto's in Erdenheim as well as traveling with a few local and national groups.

3) Tri-Tone sub is a "trick" of sorts. A tri-tone is a diminished 5th, or three whole steps (such as C to Gb). When playing the classic standars of yesteryear it is a common practice for a pianist or guitarist to a Ab instead of a Dminor chord. The mathmatics of harmonics usually makes it work out nicely. This is a very brief explanation, and there are always exceptions to every rule....

Wed May 13, 11:15:00 AM EDT  
Blogger reverend chris said...

Yet another detail to correct...

Apparently 30,000 people came to last years Garden Fest.

Wed May 13, 03:50:00 PM EDT  

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