Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Predictions ...

For you folks who think I can only predict what will happen in 19118, here is the plan for the Killa from Wasilla.

1. Take a 6 month vacation while America forgets some of your more ridiculous actions, and while someone finishes writing your book. Stay in Alaska. Do cover story for Parents Magazine, Redbook, etc., with all the kids.

1a. Take meetings for your pundit position/talk show. Fox is the obvious choice, but don't sneer at syndication. Much of your constituency cannot afford cable. And look at what Rush does with AM - a medium one step above the telegraph. Commute to Washington. Call Realtors. News of the meetings will break. Do cover story for Broadcasting Today.

2. Take a few easy six figure paydays from the usual suspects-Think tank division. AEI, etc-Kristol will set up the meetings while he fantasizes about you talking off your glasses. Pay off legal debts. Move to suburban D.C.. Rent.Do cover story for National Review.

3. Take the six figure cross country speaking paydays as you re-acquaint the American public with your new persona, and the publication of the book. Do the Talk Show circuit, INCLUDING Letterman. Do cover story for People.

4. Begin the pundit/talk show. Move to the Upper East Side. Buy. Do cover story for New York magazine.

5. Watch the poll numbers. If the negatives fall below 20, move back to D.C. Do cover story for Time & Newsweek.

6. Quit TV. Declare for 2012 Prez. Run a diciplined, populist, orthodox campaign and lose to next-in-line/sacrificial lamb Romney in the primaries. Save war chest.

7. Romney loses the general to the sitting President. Be a good sport. You now have the inside track for 2016.

8. Beat an aging Hillary.

9. Stock Camp David with moose and salmon.



Blogger Waylaid Pilgrim said...

Check out Anonymous Liberal for a clear-headed take on Palinism.

Wed Jul 08, 04:50:00 PM EDT  

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