Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Congratulations Maxine

This piece was sent to the Chestnut Hill Local as an Op -Ed piece. In keeping with the current administration's editorial interests, it did not appear in the paper. But then, letters from Community Manager Betty Brady and Business Manager Kara Ghezarian did. These two employees shed a little light on Inspector Clousseau's activities within the paper, most notably his contributions of the last six months. We would guess the Maxinistas need to play up the lad, given that his own efforts are a sick parody of a responsible "volunteer."

Wait a minute. The last six months? Wasn't that when the conspirators within the office began plotting the former editor's fall from grace? Uh-hmmm. And weren't Betty and Kari part of that plot? Yep. Talk about sucking up, and to all people, the Inspector. He who was castigated roundly in public at a CHCA board meeting for bullying, abusiveness and general incompetence when it came to newspapers. These people don't know when to stop embarresing themselves, do they. And to have the audacity to give him thanks for supporting the staff when Joey was accused of being extremely disruptive and totally at a loss when it comes to professional journalism. He should stick to carpet installing instead of being a lap dog to people he thinks like him.

But we digress. Mr. Wells letter needs to be read. It serves to shed more light on the abuses of power and the general incompetence of those running the Chestnut Hill Community Association.

Posted via email, approximately 6 PM, 1/26/06. From Lloyd Wells:

In fairness we all owe a real debt of gratitude to Maxine Dornemann and her administration for making the Local into the Public Forum it was intended to be. There’s little doubt that since her direct involvement each succeeding issue is being read by an ever increasing number of people.

It has not, however, been entirely Maxine’s “cellarer” administration that deserves all the credit; a large portion of thanks must, in all fairness, go to the constructively angry voices of Lawrence Walsh, Mary Anna Ross-Cowper, Ann Spaeth, Martha Haley, Ron Reco and more recently the letter of Fred Walker [1/25/06 issue].

In suggesting that Maxine’s administration is nurturing the increasing readership, a good example in point is the likelihood, as of this writing, that CHCA Board Member Lawrence Walsh will be ostracized by the “democratic” proceedings of this administration at a meeting tonight (Jan. 26) of the CHCA’s Board.

Fred Walker’s letter, referred to above, illuminates the “political hand grenade” that is currently developing in CH. This bombshell threatens the existence of what most of us hope will continue to be a “greene country towne” - [William Penn’s dream for Philadelphia as a whole].

Fred’s wry expression of gratitude to all American taxpayers for their quarter million dollar grant [gift] “to the seven lots owned by the CHCA” further illustrates this administration’s incompetence. [12/29/05 issue] As reported, this contribution was arranged by Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman Chakah Fatta, apparently aided and abetted by CHCA Board member and Democratic Leader of Philadelphia’s 9th Ward, John O’Connell.

In the 11/24/05 issue it was reported that Pennsylvania State Democratic Senator LeAnna Washington presented twenty five thousand dollars to the Chestnut Hill District to study our parking system. Though the LOCAL reports that the CHCA owns the seven lots, W. Stewart Graham, Esq., CHCA Executive Committee advisor, knows very well that neither the CHCA or the Parking Foundation owns the real estate involved. I personally explained all this to Mr. Graham in 1992 when he visited me for a weekend prior to his becoming CH’s Community Manager. It also should be noted that Mr. Graham was appointed principal assistant to the Democratic Minority leader of the current Philadelphia City Council, Frank Rizzo, Jr. [who hints at his interest in a mayoral run (2/17/05 issue)]. Is it possible that Mr. Graham will nominate Mr. Rizzo, Jr. for the CH Award to be presented at this spring’s annual meeting of the CHCA?]

Having largely organized the Parking Foundation, I’m aware that essentially all of the real estate comprising the 7 lots is privately owned. Thus, the quarter million dollars of federal tax funding, reportedly to be used to improve the private properties of the several landlords involved, raises the question as to what it will be used for. Would the objectives of this administration [meeting behind closed doors by their own choice] be better served were it to purchase the Hiram Lodge property with these funds?

I must add here, that I in no way suspect Paul Roller, President of the Parking Foundation, of being involved in this possible manipulation of public funds. Few in CH, including the CH Businessmen’s Association, have any idea of how or why their Association or the Parking Foundation came into being or why, in days gone by, these civic efforts were so successful.

Lastly, let me compliment Mary Anna Ross-Cowper for publicly recognizing the need for independent political parties in CH; which in no way would be connected with the national Democratic, Republican or other parties. [1/25/06 issue.]

Mary Anna was the first Chairwoman of the CHCA’s “Greene Party” established circa 1965. The “Greene Party” was organized when it was recognized that “we-the-sovereign-people of the U.S.A.” had established a political system in 1789 that empowered the majority to implement their pleasure on all Americans.

Of course, political interaction is often heated and uncomfortable - need I say. Due to this reality the “Greene Party” was dissolved in 1976. Thus, the subsequent erosion of democratic process in CH has resulted in today’s tragic situation.

Lloyd P. Wells


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be nice to be able to read Fred Walker's letter in a past issue of the Local, but the archives are no longer available on the website. As of January 2006, they are no longer being posted.

Why? Where are the archives???

A new reader of this blog (and a continuing one, since many things are missing from the printed paper)

Wed Feb 01, 07:52:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Germantown Cruiser said...

If you have questions about the Chestnut Hill Local web archives, contact the editor( and/or business manager ( of the paper.

Or you can call the Local at 215-248-8800.

Wed Feb 01, 08:44:00 PM EST  

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