Thursday, April 09, 2009

Let's Find the Connections

So by now you've read the CHBA's candidates reasons for running, except for Art Howe's, who clutched at the opportunity of free advertising space to shill every business he has ever been involved with except his first lemonade stand, never mentioning Chestnut Hill once. He also declined to give the Snowden Seig Heil, "And that's why I'm Positively Chestnut Hill," at the end of his Resumé ... er, bio.

He figured, if you were too dumb to figure out that his wife and fellow candidate was a Snowden tenant, then you were too dumb to realize his reason for running as well. Candidate Wendy Kern gives Bowman-Snowden Properties as a client reference on her website, but not on the candidates bio. That's funny.

See how easy this is? It took me six minutes to find this much out. I'll get the rest of the connections made shortly. But Kids - you can play too!

Let's find all the connections between Prince Richard and his candidates - It's Easy - It's Fun! And you can make people who are trying to fool you look foolish!

Ed (If the Local won't do it, I guess I'll have to) Feldman

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Anonymous A. Hope said...

Yes, Art's bio did suck the ink off the page, didn't it?

Isn't the CHBA too busy figuring out how to attract high-paying renters to the Hill in this economy to have time to meddle in community affairs?

Personally, I think we need more boutiques! I love window shopping for pink and green stuff!

/just brainstorming - I may have to get involved!

Thu Apr 09, 04:53:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Ed Feldman said...

That the CHCA has ignored hundreds of existing renters in Chestnut Hill at the Chestnut Hill Village Apartment complex for years has always been a non-mystery to me. Let's see-what is about "Those People" that would have earned them such non-status?
Now that the Village owners are trying to change the "complexion" of the place, will the new "upscale" tenants be included in Hill Society?
PS: The new neighborhood association, Chestnut Hill Neighbors United will actively court Existing Village residents.
Translation: Black people will finally be part of 19118 decision making.

Fri Apr 10, 12:44:00 PM EDT  
Blogger reverend chris said...

Anyone know an artist who could pull off an interpretation of the classic "Dogs Playing Poker"?

We could call it "Asses Playing Government". We could hang it up in the library... or somewhere else we know most CHCA Board Members don't go. They wouldn't get it anyway.

Thu Apr 16, 03:06:00 PM EDT  

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