Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heard on the Avenue: Weaver's Way & Their Week-Old Food

The Chestnut Hill location of Weaver's Way Co-Op is set to open today moving the opening of Monday, May 17th two days earlier. I think, and hope, it will be a much needed and appreciated addition to Germantown Avenue.

But be wary of their prepared foods.

According to one of the people who is preparing the prepared foods some items will be almost a week old when they open their doors. My source was making food on Monday, May 10th and was told it was for the opening of the store on May 17th. This person has worked in the food industry for 10 years and when they questioned the timeline those in charge shrugged it off with the explanation, "Oh it will be fine."

Now I have spent some time in and around food and most things are discarded after 5 days. I confirmed this at a restaurant a friend owns (Tavern on the Hill) and also at Top of the Hill Market. Selling food a week after it's made is a huge mistake. Understand that the fact they are now opening today is a good thing, as their meatballs are fresher than they would be on Monday, but if you take any home: eat now or forever hold your stomach.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never knew that someoneou thinking? who calls himself "reverend" could be so stupid and at the same time full of shit! We all know that you work across the sreet at Drakes. Sour grapes? If I were your boss you ass would on the first shit truck out of town. What the hell are you thinking? Get ready for a legal altercation! Whatever you don't have now you will only have less.

Mon May 24, 08:48:00 PM EDT  
Blogger reverend chris said...

Hello Mr. Unknown person.

Bragging that you know something that's not a secret (me working at Drake's) is very impressive and quite threatening. As far as being a Reverend, it's legal and happened in 1996. So the criticism bandwagon has long since passed.

And as for Drake's: WE WANT WEAVER'S WAY OPEN. We only benefitted from Caruso's which allowed us to expand the number of small, unique orders we could take in a day. Our business will increase with the access to fresh, organic produce that the Coop will allow us. I hope they succeed and wish them well. I have already sent numerous skeptic clients to them. So eat that you d-bag.

Looking at past issues of the CH Local you will see that I was one of the initial letters in support of Good Food Market. Chestnut Hill has a reputation of quality that should be upkept, which is why this most recent post regarding that age of Weaver's Way's prepared foods was ever posted.

I await any legal action, as I have only repeated statements told to me. I have always brought honesty to this forum and have never used it to bad-mouth anyone or anything. I just look for fairness and only post when I feel that "something" may, or may not be, afoot.

I hope you can come out from being anonymous like the man, or woman, you were born as.

Thank you for your time and prompt honesty regarding this matter.

Mon May 24, 11:57:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Ed Feldman said...

I'm not in this.

Wed May 26, 02:25:00 PM EDT  

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